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[ MEBOR presents ] NEW HEAVY DUTY vertical BAND SAW VTZ 1600 PLUS We proudly present our newly designed vertical band saw HEADRIG – VTZ 1600. This new headrig weighs 15 tonnes, so its exceptionally strong and robust structure ensures vibration free, FAST and PRECISE...

MEBOR presents – UPGRADED horizontal band saw HTZ 1100 PRO

[ MEBOR presents ] UPGRADED horizontal band saw HTZ 1100 PRO. Versatile band saw allows you to produce more at lower costs. Key features: - NEW reinforced and optimised design - Versatile for all log sizes up to 1 m - Reliable and strong - Best performance in the...

MEBOR presents – UPGRADED fastest horizontal band saw HTZ 1300 PLUS

[ MEBOR presents ] UPGRADED fastest horizontal band saw HTZ 1300 PLUS We take great pride in our constant research and development of our sawmilling machinery. We have redesigned and upgraded our flagship horizontal band saw HTZ 1300 PLUS. What is new? - NEW upgraded...

Investment in a solar power plant

Investment in a solar power plant   With the support of the European Union Cohesion Fund, Mebor has successfully completed the investment in a solar power plant. With the investment, the company has largely become self-sufficient in electricity, and in favorable...

Mebor project report: Horizontal band saws in UK

Mebor project report: Horizontal band saws in UK We have installed the HTZ 1300 PLUS horizontal band saw with MLD motorised log deck and the HTZ 1100 PRO horizontal band saw for our customers in England in May 2021.

Mebor project report: UK Timber, England

UK Timber supplies a wide range of timber products, both in soft and in hardwood. We installed their first Mebor band saw in 2014 and we have just installed the second one. With the new HTZ 1100 PRO, UK Timber is increasing the production capacity. They are also using...

MEBOR Project report: Vertical band saw in Croatia

We have installed and commissioned a new vertical band saw VTZ 1400 PLUS for hardwoods (beech and oak) at Drvo Trgovina in Slatina, Croatia: - Heavy duty log deck with loading arms VLD - Vertical log band sawmill with carriage VTZ 1400 PLUS - Operator's cabin - Roller...

Introducing: New slab chipper – canter

Mebor presents the newly designed slab chipper – canter BM 900 for Mebor's VTZ 1400/1600 PLUS vertical band saws. Combining the canter with the vertical band saw naturally brings a higher production and also eliminates the need to transport waste slabs. Positioning to...

MEBOR among five top Slovenian export companies

We are proud to have received a recognition as one of the five finalists for THE WINNER OF SLOVENIAN EXPORT in 2020. For us, it is a great recognition and confirmation that we are working in the right direction. Congratulations to the winner DEWESoft and the other...

Mebor helps bringing up future professionals

In Mebor, we actively participate in the education of young professionals. In the school year 2019/2020 17 high school and university students performed their internship or apprenticeship in our production facility.

MEBOR Project report: Automated sawing line with VTZ 1400 PLUS

Automated sawing line for soft and hard wood includes: debarker SLH 1200, vertical band saw VTZ 1400 PLUS, board edger and multi rip saw VR 900, double arbor multi rip saw VC 700, cross cut saws CEL 700 P, waste line with wood chipper SLFK 700/300. The line capacity...


Mebor is proud to present: Superfast vertical log band saw Mebor VTZ 1400 Plus SINGLE or DOUBLE cut setup HEAVY-DUTY frame, for high precision, vibration-free sawing heavy duty carriage structure built with Strenx(r) high performance structural steel, increasing the...


We have received the Golden Gazelle 2018 award (award for best fast growing companies in Slovenia)! On this occasion, we thank our entire team, our partners and our customers for excellent cooperation. We are looking forward to new challenges and future achievements!

Sawing line for oak in USA

In October 2018 we installed a sawing line for oak wood to suit the needs of our customer’s parquet factory.

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