Mebor d.o.o. is a recognized and established company in the EU and worldwide for manufacturing wood cutting machines. Our main product is horizontal band saws for cutting timber, along with other machines for primary wood processing and blade grinding and maintenance. We provide customers with complete solutions – lines for primary wood cutting, focusing on adapting to new needs. The key features of our machines are quality, high performance at moderate prices, automation, reliability, and advanced yet simple solutions. We complement this with responsive after-sales services and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

In the future, our focus will be on further developing machines, especially band saws and complete sawing lines. Emphasis will also be placed on educating and training personnel, improving technology, work processes, and on the other hand, sales activities. Through high-performance and competitively priced machines, we will continue to enter new markets, strengthen our position in existing ones, and establish ourselves as one of the most important global manufacturers of sawmill equipment. Our main goal and guiding principle are the satisfaction of our customers.

The company’s management is aware of the importance of the environment and incorporates it into its core business vision. The company commits to striving for improvements in environmental conservation, implementing responsible environmental practices, and adhering to legal frameworks in this area. Management will aim for continuous improvement and prevention of environmental pollution, with a particular emphasis on proper waste management, reducing water losses, preserving air quality, noise reduction, and other environmental aspects.

The quality and environmental policy, in collaboration with employees, is constantly reviewed to achieve both short-term and long-term goals.

Železniki, 24.04.2023

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