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vertical BAND SAW VTZ 1600 PLUS

We proudly present our newly designed vertical band saw HEADRIG – VTZ 1600. This new headrig weighs 15 tonnes, so its exceptionally strong and robust structure ensures vibration free, FAST and PRECISE sawing. With a wheel diameter of 1,6 m, blade width of 260 mm and a power of 110/132 kW the machine is able to cut very fast. The machine also includes electronic blade alignment which shortens the time needed for blade changes and increases blade life.

Combined with Mebor’s SUPER FAST log carriage the VTZ 1600 PLUS achieves very HIGH PRODUCTION levels. Key features of VTZ PLUS sawmill systems are high speed, ENERGY EFFICIENCY and fully automatic sawing sequence. As with all Mebor’s VTZ PLUS machines subframes are included and no special concrete foundations are needed for the installation. Customers worldwide use these machines for small and big logs, as well as for both soft and hard wood.

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