Sawing lines with horizontal log band saws

Small sawing line in Austria

We were convinced not only by the high quality and
robustness of all components, but also by the high
professionalism of MEBOR before, during and after the
installation of the system. We cut mainly high quality
stone pine and we have significantly increased the yield
with the new plant!

Mr. Passler Markus,

Municipality St. Jakob im Deffereggental,

Small sawing line for softwoods in Colombia

Sawmilling is a new business line for our company, we produce boards and blocks from plantation pine. The MEBOR sawing line has fulfilled our requirements. The machines are powerful, fast and have a strong frame. What we like the most is that the maintenance requirements are low.

Mr. Juan Luis Posada,

Smurfit Kappa,

Sawing line for hardwoods in Australia

Sawing line for hardwoods in Poland

Sawing line for soft and hardwoods in France

Sawing line for softwoods in Northern Ireland

Sawing line for hardwoods in Germany

Sawing line for softwoods in Wales, UK

Sawing line for soft and hardwoods in

We have started from “0” in a very difficult period for the Romanian woodworking industry, but with the help of MEBOR equipment and the high degree of automation, we managed to build a profitable business and we are now optimistic for the future. Our workers have learned very quickly to work with the machines, which are very robust and user friendly. The support offered by MEBOR team is also appreciated.

Mr. Petru Simene,

Fine One Trans SRL,

Sawing line for soft and hardwoods in

MEBOR has always been available to special requests, and has shown us simple, low-cost solutions. The machines are made with plenty of steel and heavy duty construction. The design is very well thought-out, you can feel that experts have designed these systems. We can easily cut big, heavy logs with no jams and the workflow is smooth. We have also improved the recovery of wood. The service and support of the MEBOR team is excellent!

Mr. Nico Gatterdam,

Massivholz Gatterdam,

Sawing line for teak in Indonesia

The MEBOR band saw HTZ 1300 PLUS is a smartly designed and robust machine that delivers high precision, high speed sawing at a competitive price. Very good value, offering easy control to manipulate the logs for maximizing yield and quality of cut. No regrets, this investment has been very beneficial for our business.

Mr. Serge Bondue,

PT SAS Kreasindo Utama,

One operator sawing line in Belarus

Double sawing line for soft and hard woods in Algeria

  1. Log loading deck, PLD.
  2. Two HTZ 1300 PLUS band saws edger and multi rip saw.
  3. VR 1300 all-in-one combination.
  4. Automated, two saw trimmer.

Sawing line in

  1. Log debarker SLH 1200
  2. Log loading deck MLD
  3. HTZ 1200 PLUS band saw
  4. VR 900 board edger
  5. VC 900 D16 multi rip saw

Sawing line for soft woods in England


Double Log sawing line for soft
and hard wood in Lithuania

Sawing line for soft and hard woods in the

Sawing line for softwoods in

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