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VC 700 E16 / VC 900 E 16 – multi rip saw

Single arbor multi rip saws!

Max. infeed width:
750/950 mm
Max. sawing thickness:
160 mm
Motor power (bottom arbor):
min. 37 kW
Motor power (top arbor):
Diameter of circular saws:
300-500 mm
3500-3800 kg
Number of feeding rollers*:
2 top; 5 bottom

* in combination with automatic infeed, the machine includes one additional top roller and one additional bottom roller

Single arbor, heavy duty multi rip saws. Simple or automatic infeeds are available.


Equipment & Options for VC multi rip saws

• Simple or automated outfeeds.
• Automatic adjustment of top
pressure rollers.
• PLC auto. control for automation
and positioning of wood
Infeed options
• Simple infeed with wood positioning chains
• Pneumatic arms for receiving of cants from the side
• AFVC Automatic infeed with centring or side positioning (see picture above)
• APVC infeed with centring, left and right positioning;
includes PLC auto. control (VC 900 only)
• AZVC infeed with centring, measuring and re-posi-
tioning; includes PLC auto. control (VC 900 only)
Multi rip saws Compare Table

TECHNICAL DATAVC 700 / VC 900 E16VC 700 / VC 900 D16VC 700 D20VC 700/ 900 D25
VC 900 DE26 / VC 900 DE28VZ 800 D16
Max. infeed width:
750/950 mm750/950 mm
750 mm
750/950 mm
950 mm800 mm
Max. sawing thickness:
160 mm160 mm
205 mm
250 mm
260/280 mm160 mm
Motor power (bottom arbor):
min. 37 kW37-110 kW
37-110 kW
37-110 kW
110-160 kW45-110 kW
Motor power (top arbor):
/37-90 kW
37-90 kW
37-90 kW
90-132 kW45-110 kW
Diameter of circular saws:
300-500 mm300 mm
350 mm
400 mm
450 mm300 (350) mm
3500-3800 kg5400-7000 kg
5400-7000 kg
5800-7400 kg
7500-8500 kg6400 kg
Number of feeding rollers*:
2 top; 5 bottom
2 top; 5 bottom
2 top; 5 bottom
2 top; 5 bottom
2 top; 6 bottom6 top
+ feeding chains

* in combination with automatic infeed, the machine includes one additional top roller and one additional bottom roller

Mebor System® is our own system of horizontal band saws, which sets us apart from our competitors. With a Mebor band saw you will increase your productivity and yield, as well as decrease labour costs.

Wood is unpredictable and for this reason Mebor band saws have a strong and robust construction. It guarantees reliability of functioning and minimises maintenance costs.

Band saws adapted for your needs – for small and big sawmills. Every Mebor band saw is custom made; therefore we supply each customer an optimal band saw for his needs. We will advise which model is most suitable for your needs and requirements. We will also adjust the configuration of the band saw; for example the distances between clamps according to the lengths of logs, equipment etc.

Automatic board removing (Mebor System® )

We were the first to introduce the board removing system, which saves your time. After the band saw cuts a board, the board pusher pushes it off the band saw bed during the return of the band saw head. Simple and automatic, with no manual work.

Automatic functioning – Mebor System® Labour costs present a big share of costs in sawmills. Regardless of whether it is a small model, or a bigger and faster Mebor band saw model, all of them include automatic guidance. If necessary, this allows the operator to also stack boards on his own, simultaneously during sawing! As it is a one man operation, the labour costs are minimised. The operator should focus on the productivity, quality of wood and output, not on the machine operation. This is done instead of you by the Mebor band saw and you can increase the profit of your company. The control is simple and user friendly. Our customers learn how to operate the machine in a few hours.

Mebor System® leads the operator during cutting. It provides important information, which helps him choose the optimal cutting for best output. Manual control is also available for less demanding users.

Full log manoeuvring equipment is available for fast and effortless work.

Quick and low cost installation Mebor band saws are installed in one day and do not require any special foundations. Precision of cutting is ensured by the solid construction and wide blades. All Mebor band saws are using wide blades (80-210 mm wide). The fact is that wide blades provide higher sawing speed, as well as better sawing precision. The high quality of your products will increase the satisfaction of your customers.

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