Mebor is proud to present:
Superfast vertical log band saw Mebor VTZ 1400 Plus

  • SINGLE or DOUBLE cut setup
  • HEAVY-DUTY frame, for high precision, vibration-free sawing
  • heavy duty carriage structure built with Strenx(r) high performance structural steel, increasing the strength of construction and decreasing overall weight of the carriage, thus SAVING energy
  • SMARTLY engineered structure
  • tilted carriage frame at 17° allows shock-free reception of sawn boards with top face upwards
  • smart hydraulic power unit detecting the load and self-adjusting the needed speed and pressure
  • min. energy consumption
  • electric, servo, brushless drive for return speeds up to 240 m/min (optional smaller or larger drives);
  • braking energy is transferred to other drives in the system – energy saving; optional regeneration of energy

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